Chiefs’ Secrets Of How They Create Trick Plays Are Revealed Right Before The Super Bowl

Chiefs' Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes

Getty Image / David Eulitt

The Kansas City Chiefs offense is an absolute juggernaut, as they’re incredibly tough to stop.

Not only is their offense consistent, but they come up with some of the best trick plays in the game. Now, we know how they originate.

According to Mike Giardi, the Chiefs’ trick plays are mainly created by superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes. From there, Andy Reid and the coaching staff apply them to the play call sheet if they like them.

This really might be why Kansas City is so good. Not only do they have a unique talent in Patrick Mahomes, but his brain generates creative trick plays too.

Not every coach gives a player the light of day to come up with plays like that and then actually use them in games.

The connection between Andy Reid and his players really is what separates the Chiefs from the rest of the league right now. Additionally, he gives Patrick Mahomes the creative freedom he needs to thrive.

Maybe we’ll see some of Mahomes’ trick plays in the Super Bowl on Sunday. He’s already claimed he wants to throw a behind-the-back pass in a game one day. We’re sure there’s some sort of crazy trick play that would allow him to do that.

With that in mind, be ready to see something crazy in the Super Bowl this year. We can’t wait to see what tricks are up the Chiefs’ sleeves.