Chinese NBA Fans Have Given Players Some Absolutely Insane Nicknames

by 12 months ago
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As far as I’m concerned, you haven’t officially made it as an athlete until you’ve gotten yourself a nickname. It can be as something simple as “KD” or something as badass as “Black Mamba,” but if you have your own alternate moniker, there’s a good chance you’ve put in the work to earn it (with the exception of Glen Davis, who was born to have the nickname “Big Baby” even if he’d never played basketball).

While China’s only real notable basketball export is Yao Ming, his arrival to the NBA sparked an uptick in interest in basketball in the country, and over the past couple of decades, it has been importing American players past their rime and developing a base of diehard fans of basketball in China and beyond.

Most foreign names don’t translate very well in Mandarin, and while the media attempts to come up with phonetic pronunciations that are essentially collections of random Chinese words, fans have dreamed up their own nicknames for some of the NBA’s biggest stars. Asian historian Nick Kapur rounded up some of the more notable ones, and some of them are absolutely incredible:

However, James and Westbrook have nothing some of their fellow players.

He lists a few other nicknames in the full thread (which is one of the I’ve seen on Twitter that’s actually worth working your way through), but no one comes close to topping Steph Curry’s most popular nickname: “Fucks The Sky.”

I am never calling Steph Curry by his given name again.

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