Fan Blows A Kiss To The Best Pitcher In Baseball, He Drops A Grenade On That Fan’s Heart

Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Chris Archer is WITHOUT A DOUBT the best pitcher in the major leagues this season. He’s currently sitting 3rd overall in ERA (1.84) and is absolutely DOMINATING the two pitchers ahead of him in ERA in terms of strikeouts. He just became THE FIRST pitcher in the modern era to record three consecutive starts with 10+ K’s and 0 BB’s (per ELIAS). The man’s entire life is firing on all cylinders right now, even his love life. In the video above (filmed last week) a fan is screaming for Chris Archer’s attention to blow him an ‘air kiss’, and just when you think Archer is going to ignore him he drops a grenade on the heart of the adoring fan. This video was filmed up in Seattle btw.

I just want to send a quick shout out to all my fellow Tampa Bay Rays fans reading this! I know this video was HUGE late last week, but for some reason I had it in my head that one of the other BroBible editors had posted. Meanwhile the rest of the team recognizes that I’m the only Rays fan on the squad and stayed away from this video. So apologies for that, but here it is.

And I’m not done talking about how amazing Chris Archer and the Tampa Bay Rays are yet…. Everyone knows the Tampa Bay Rays are ‘America’s Team’, and since Chris Archer is currently the #1 player on America’s Team I guess that technically makes him the most important (and beloved) man in the Free World. In addition to being a Rays fan myself I’ve also got Archer on my fantasy baseball team who has won me our weekly bounty, filling my coffers with money from my best frenemies. I simply cannot sing the praises of Chris Archer enough.

Let’s watch that once more in GIF: