Chris Broussard Thinks Taylor Lewan Plays For The Bills, Blames Loss Against Titans On Him Being Injured

chris broussard taylor lewan bills rant

Screengrab YouTube // FS1

  • Chris Broussard blames the Bills’ loss to the Titans on Taylor Lewan getting injured.
  • This makes no sense seeing as how Lewan plays for the Titans, not the Bills.
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Taylor Lewan plays for the Tennessee Titans, he does not play for the Buffalo Bills. Chris Broussard, who is paid to know these things and then talk about them, doesn’t know this.

During an appearance on FS1’s ‘First Things First’ on Tuesday, Broussard went on a passionate rant about the Bills’ loss to the Titans, specifically Buffalo’s decision to go for it on 4th and 1 instead of kicking a game-tying field goal. In Broussard’s opinion, Lewan’s absence from the Bills’ offensive line was the reason the team’s 4th down conversion didn’t go as planned. Again, Lewan isn’t an offensive lineman for the Bills, he’s an offensive lineman for the Titans.

Broussard thinking that Lewan plays for the Bills is one thing, but the most ridiculous part of his rant is just how passionate and confident he is with his statements. In his mind, he’s making a great point, but in reality, he couldn’t look dumber if he tried.

Lewan was carted off the field during the second quarter on Monday night after a scary play.

He didn’t return to the game after suffering the injury after diving on a pile after a Derrick Henry run where the crown of his helmet struck the back of a Buffalo defender. Lewan then spun to the ground, before the back of his helmet hit the turf. Titans’ head coach Mike Vrabel didn’t offer much of an update on Lewan’s status after the game but was hopeful that his team’s left tackle would be alright.

When it comes to Broussard, this certainly isn’t the first ridiculous thing he’s ever said nor will it be the last.