No, Kanye West Did Not Catch Chris Paul Sleeping With Kim Kardashian According To New Report

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In case you, like most normal human beings, were asleep as Kanye West went on yet another ridiculous social media rant on Thursday night, you may have missed quite the story.

When West wasn’t peddling antisemitism and unabashed Nazism, he was once again focusing his ire on his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. This time, however, West appeared to implicate a massive star in the sports world. The formerly talented rapper turned egomaniac claimed that he caught Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul with his then-wife.

It was quite the bombshell and unsurprisingly set the internet on fire with both jokes and some serious questions. But there’s only one problem. It reportedly isn’t true.

TMZ Reports That Chris Paul-Kim Kardashian Hookup Never Actually Happened

The veracity of anything that West says these days should immediately come into question. But this claim, in particular, seemed dubious from the star.

Now, according to TMZ, it’s been downright disproven.

A source close to the situation tells us the allegation is absolutely false, and just another example of a desperate man trying to shift the focus away from his own wrongdoings.