Chris Pronger Details How Easy It Is For NHL Players To Blow Through $30 Million

Chris Pronger Details How Easy It Is For NHL Players To Spend $30 Million

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  • Chris Pronger broke down a $30 million NHL contract to show how quickly the money can disappear
  • The Hockey Hall of Famer highlighted plenty of expenses a lot of people might never take into consideration
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It can be difficult to fathom the truly insane amount of money some professional athletes get paid to play a sport for a living, and it can be even harder to understand how someone who made tens of millions of dollars over the course of their career can end up losing every single penny.

In the vast majority of cases, the explanation can really be boiled down to some incredibly simple math: people spent more money than they actually have. That includes Travis Kelce—who quickly changed his ways after blowing through his rookie deal thanks to sneakers and watches—and Gilbert Arenas, who spent his first season in the NBA living at Oracle Arena after overestimating the value of his first contract.

However, the math isn’t really that simple, as understanding the intricacies of your typical contract requires a fair amount of financial literacy.

Earlier this month, former NHL player Chris Pronger went viral for describing some of the wild ways he witnessed guys blow through money over the course of his career. On Wednesday, he turned his attention to finances once again when he provided a fascinating breakdown of a hypothetical $30 million, five-year deal to show how much money professional hockey players actually make compared to the numbers that make headlines.

Pronger kicked things off by highlighting the escrow money that Brad Marchand brought into the public consciousness when he used to it chirp the Hurricanes earlier this year.

He then turned his attention to taxes and made it clear why the weather isn’t the only factor that makes playing in Florida an attractive option.

Pronger then touched on agent fees and the variety of other major expenses most players will have to shell out for over the course of a typical year.

As Pronger notes, a player in this situation would still have plenty of money to play around with, but it’s still a pretty eye-opening look at the inner workings of the game.

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