Clemson Football Player Who’s Always Been Fascinated With Fire Accidentally Burns Home Down

clemson football player burns house down

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  • Clemson football player Lannden Zanders accidentally burned his family home down.
  • Zanders has apparently always had a fascination with fire.
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Clemson defensive back Lannden Zanders has always had a fascination with fire according to his father, but unfortunately, fire got the best of his family home this past weekend.

According to Greenville News, Zanders has been building fire pits and camping out in his backyard since being in middle school. He decided to build a fire this past Saturday night as he didn’t travel with the Tigers to Pittsburgh due to injury.

He woke up early Sunday morning to the house being on fire.

Zanders was asleep inside the home in Kings Mountain, NC, and woke up because the fan inside his room had stopped. Little did he know that it stopped because the fire department outside had turned off the power.

“He said he went in the house and went to bed,” his father, Lindell said. “When he woke up, the fire department was already there. He said his fan cut off and he opened his eyes and saw flames and smoke.”

Zanders’ father explained that ever since his son was 10-years-old he would build a fire pit, cook hot dogs, and camp out in the woods. It didn’t matter if it was in the middle of the summer, he’d build a fire and eat a meal around it.

Zanders’ Father Is Just Happy His Son Wasn’t Hurt

Lindell explained that his son was taking the incident hard, but he reassured him that all he was worried about was Lannden being ok.

“He’s taking it hard. He feels like it was his fault,” Lindell said. “I tell him, ‘Son, I don’t care about the house. As long as you’re OK, that’s all that matters to me. I can replace the house. I can’t replace you.’ ”

It’s safe to say that Lindell isn’t too worried about the damage done to the house given the fact he was joking about now having an “open roof concept.”

“People say, ‘How are you smiling?’ ” Lindell said. “I tell them it’s because my son is alive. All this material stuff doesn’t matter to me. My boys are the reason I live. They are everything.”