Cleveland Browns Fan Goes ALL IN After One Win, Gets Himself A Baker Mayfield ‘Special’ Tattoo

cleveland browns fan baker mayfield tattoo

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So, did you hear? The Cleveland Browns have made it official. Rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield will be making his first NFL start when the team visits Oakland this coming weekend.

That’s the sort of thing that happens when you get a team its first win in 635 days, as Mayfield did against the Jest this past Thursday.

That’s right. After going 17-for-23 for 201 yards with no TDs and no picks in relief of a concussed Tyrod Taylor, Mayfield is now officially “The Man” in Cleveland.

Hey, the 23rd time in 12 seasons is the charm, the old saying goes, right?

One thing Mayfield does have going for him that he had the highest graded performance by a rookie quarterback since they began recording those stats in 2006.

It’s almost enough to make one think the Browns are legit. Or, if you have waited 635 for a victory, well, it’s good enough. As in, good enough to get a tattoo of the “Baker Special” two-point conversion reception Mayfield scored during the win.

“After 635 days without a win, something amazing happened last night! To capture the magic of a long over due and much needed win, I did what any rational person would do. Took the day off and got a tattoo. Baker Special!!!” tweeted Browns diehard Mark Gurko.

Me? I would have gotten some Rally Possum ink instead.

That so needs to happen. Go Browns.

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