Cleveland Browns Insider Reveals Team With ‘Inside Track’ To Land Baker Mayfield


Getty Image / Stacy Revere

  • A Cleveland Browns insider has revealed the team with the “inside track” to land Baker Mayfield
  • There is just one thing that could stop them from actually landing Baker
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As we get closer to the NFL Draft, many are wondering if we will see one of this year’s rookies spend the early portion of their career being mentored by Baker Mayfield.

It seems to be a likely scenario with only a couple of teams still looking for a quarterback to be their starter this season and both of those teams holding early draft picks.

Today, Cleveland Browns insider Mary Kay Cabot revealed that one of those teams currently has the “inside track” to land him. That team is the Carolina Panthers, who have been linked to Baker Mayfield recently for an unexpected reason.

Baker Mayfield being traded to the Carolina Panthers should make a lot of sense. The one thing holding the Panthers back from competing for a playoff spot right now is their lack of a real option to start at quarterback.

Meanwhile, the Cleveland Browns have to trade Baker Mayfield. They have already acquired Deshaun Watson to replace him and Baker isn’t interested in sticking around to be the backup.

The only issue is that Robbie Anderson is currently a starting wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers and he has made it clear that he doesn’t want Baker Mayfield throwing him the ball. That could be enough to keep Baker away after all of the issues he had with Odell Beckham Jr in Cleveland.

Maybe Baker would be willing to go to the Panthers anyway and the world should just prepare itself for Terrace Marshall season.