Cleveland Neighbors Go All Out On Cavs Landscaping While Waiting For NBA Finals To Start

by 11 months ago
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The break between the Eastern and Western Conference Finals and the NBA Finals has been insanely long. Firstly, the NBA should be ashamed of themselves for not bumping up the schedule to hold the games sooner. Giving Steph Curry 10 days off before playing in the NBA Finals just isn’t fair.

From a fan’s perspective, it’s hard to stay interested about the NBA Playoffs when they abruptly end only to start back up over a week later. That’s too long to stay continuously excited about anything. Sure, you have moments like right now where you’re thinking ‘fuck yeah, the game is FINALLY tonight!’ but for the most part, you go back to living your life and not thinking about the Warriors-Cavs at all…Unless you live in Cleveland.

If you’re in Cleveland during the LeBron James Era then Ball is Life 24/7/365. Case in point, these two neighbors who tag teamed their landscaping to celebrate the Cleveland Cavaliers making it back to the NBA Finals:

Now, I’m not one to celebrate a championship before the first game’s even been played, and I’m also not a Cavs fan. However, if you’ve been following the news leading up to the 2017 NBA Finals then you might’ve seen that ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith made his Championship prediction this week. Stephen A. Smith is world renowned for his ability to pick the losing team EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Only, Stephen A. Smith isn’t picking the losing team, he’s picking them to win and that team then goes on to lose in the Finals like clockwork. To see which team Stephen A. Smith cursed this year with his prediction you can follow the link!

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