Redditor Shares Wild Stat That Indicates LeBron James Won’t Win A Championship This Year

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As we giddily await the start to the third straight Cavs/Warriors championship series on Thursday, many of us are trying to fill the time with asinine stats and predictions. Stephen A. Smith has impressively picked the incorrect finals winner a mind-bending six straight Finals. Can’t be too hard on the poor bastard though, it’s not like it’s his job or anything.

Smith has picked the Warriors to best the Cavs this year, so I literally just bet all my mothers jewelry on LeBron.

Then I saw this stat Reddit user PZinger6 shared with social media on Monday, correlating Alabama football’s championship success directly with Lebron James’ championship success.


LeBron James has never won a championship in the same year Alabama has not claimed one. James has won three NBA Championships thus far in his legendary career–2012, 2013 and 2016. Alabama won national titles during those calendar years, with the Tide beating LSU (2012), Notre Dame (2013) and Clemson (2016). These odds are some 120-1.

(You can also make the case that LeBron has never won a championship the year Alabama didn’t make it to a championship. This year Bama made it to the championship, albeit lost to Clemson 35-31.) So now I’m back to square one. Shit.

[h/t Total Pro Sports]

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