This Video Perfectly Sums Up What It Was Like For Cleveland Sports Fans To FINALLY Win A Championship

cavaliers nike commercial

YouTube - Nike

As a diehard Chicago White Sox fan I can empathize with how Cleveland sports fans felt going into this year’s NBA Finals. Sure, Chicago has had championships other than the 2005 White Sox World series win in the past 52 years, but it had been 88 years since the Sox had accomplished such a feat.

So I can at least imagine how they felt when they saw their team go down three games to one. The despair must have been setting in HARD.

However, and I can attest to this, the longer that your team, or in the case of Cleveland, teams, go without winning a title the sweeter it is. You think Yankees fans are as excited when they win a World Series as Cleveland fans, or hell just Ohio sports fans in general, were last night? Not a chance.

This video that Nike put together to celebrate the Cleveland Cavaliers amazing comeback from down three games to one to finally end the drought sums it all up quite beautifully.

H/T Dime

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