Clippers HC Doc Rivers Is Attempting To Reach Out To Delonte West After He Was Seen Begging For Money On The Street

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Former NBA player Delonte West is going through some tough times and Doc Rivers wants to help.

On Wednesday, a picture of West begging for money in the Dallas area went viral on Twitter which prompted several fans asking the NBA to lend a helping hand.

According to TMZ, Delonte’s former teammate Jameer Nelson, the NBPA, Delonte’s former coach Doc Rivers, have been trying to reach out recently to help him get off the streets.

Via TMZ Sports

The viral photo — reportedly taken recently in Dallas — appears to show the 37-year-old former guard begging for money on the street.

The question has been … why haven’t former players and coaches stepped in and helped West?

As it turns out, TMZ Sports has learned, they’ve been trying for months.

Multiple sources tell us that the league, NBPA, and Delonte’s former coach, Doc Rivers, and former St. Joe’s college teammate, Jameer Nelson, and others have attempted to get DW much needed assistance.

Concerns over West’s deteriorating mental health have surfaced in recent years and despite promises to get him help it seems like no one has been able to reach out to him.

Hopefully, Rivers and Nelson are able to get West the help he needs.

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