Russell Westbrook Could Reportedly End Up Playing Back In Los Angeles Sooner Than You’d Think

Russell Westbrook

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The past few years have been a bit of an adventure for Russell Westbrook, who spent the first 11 seasons of his NBA career with the Thunder but has had a bit more trouble finding a stable home since he was traded to the Rockets in 2019.

His underwhelming stint in Houston came to an end when he was shipped off to the Wizards at the end of 2020, and the following summer, he was treated to yet another change of scenery when he joined LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the Lakers.

While that was a theoretically formidable trio on paper, it’s safe to say that their potential did not translate to the hardwood.

Westbrook found himself burdened with the “Westbrick” moniker after he spent months struggling to find his footing in Los Angeles, and this season, he ended up at the center of a number of trade rumors stretching back to last December after once again failing to live up to expectations.

Things arguably reached a tipping point when the guard reportedly exchanged some heated words with Lakers head coach Darvin Ham during LeBron’s record-breaking game on Tuesday, and it didn’t take long for the Lakers to finally bring the Westbrook Era to an unceremonious end with the trade that resulted in him being dealt to the Jazz.

It seems doubtful Westbrook will remain in Utah for long based on what Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report had to say after the news broke; on Wednesday, the insider reported the Jazz will likely buy out his contract, which will allow him to sign with any team but the Lakers.

Haynes hinted that could lead to Westbrook essentially ending back up exactly where he started, as the Clippers are reportedly interested in signing him if he does end up on the market (the Bulls are also another potential suitor).

On Thursday, The Athletic reported Westbrook has his eyes on the Clippers and the Heat if the buyout comes to fruition, so it sounds like his long, strange trip is about to get a little longer.

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