Is The WWE Purposely Changing CM Punk To ‘CM Pink’ To Piss Him Off?

For the past few weeks there has been a fire sale on CM Punk’s merchandise on WWE Shop. They’re basically giving away his stuff.

Well because Punk is still beloved by many, his merchandise sold out pretty quick. There is nothing left in the WWE Shop with CM Punk’s name on it but something interesting does happen if a user attempts to search Punk’s name on the website.

Did you mean CM Pink? Damn. That’s just bitterness.  In fairness, this could either be a website error. Pink might actually be a popular search term for Divas merch. And CM might…..alright, I’ve got nothing, WWE is being a little bitch about all this.  WWE is acting the bitter girlfriend in a bad break-up. First, they put all Punk’s crap on the curb for free and now they’re going into all his social media accounts and posting dick pics.

The lawsuit with Punk is still pending. Maybe Punk will sue for all future earnings on CM Pink merchandise as well.

H/T SEScoops