Hahaha Coaches Are Leaving The Browns Because They Hate Johnny Manziel… Say Speculative Reports

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens

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The Cleveland Browns mini-resurgence this season came to a screeching halt on November 30th in Buffalo, when they put Johnny Manziel under center after a poor performance to start the game by Brian Hoyer.

Remember that day? Oh right.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Buffalo Bills

Timothy T. Ludwig – USA today

Actually, the above statement is completely and utterly unfair and false. Cracks in the Browns’ offense started to appear well before Manziel came into any game. Hoyer had already turned back into a pumpkin, and in his next start was just as terrible. Sure, Manziel was then also awful at quarterbacking, but suffice it to say, things just sucked and placing the blame at any person’s feet is foolish.

So, let’s blame Johnny Manziel. After all, why else would the architect of that¬†impressive first-half offense that had the team at 7-4 want to leave?

The Browns announced today that Kyle Shannahan was departing the team, not for a head coaching gig, but just to seek other opportunities.

NFL reporters were all too eager to jump on the “it’s because he hates Manziel” train.

The Browns also dismissed their quarterbacks coach, Dowell Loggains, today although he was a Manziel supporter.

So, just a friendly reminder before you place the blame on Johnny Rubs People The Wrong Way.

Only last season, Shanahan couldn’t work with another diva quarterback who management supposedly wanted him to start (RG3).

Soo… maybe Kyle Shanahan is just a prick? That actually seems to me like the most likely assumption (more so after having watched and read about him during his years in D.C.).

So yea, Manziel, probably not as bad as everyone makes him out to be. Shanahan, though, douche.

And also, Browns: still incompetent.