Coastal Carolina Celebrated Its Win Over Arkansas State By Decapitating A Wolf In The Locker Room

Coastal Carolina Football Chanticleers Arkansas State Locker Room Celebration Decapitate Wolf Chainsaw


  • The Chanticleers are out for blood, or in this case, stuffing.
  • After beating Arkansas State on the road, Coastal Carolina celebrated by decapitating a wolf.
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Coastal Carolina football is a bunch of savages with mullets. Don’t just take my word for it, look at these dudes:

Well, not only are the Chanticleers going H.A.M. in the weight room, the boys in teal are up to something on the gridiron. As one of just 17 remaining teams with an undefeated record in 2021, Coastal became the first 6-0 team in the nation with a win over Arkansas State on Thursday.

In addition to dismantling the Red Wolves on the field, covering the spread and winning one bettor a LARGE sum of money, the Chants decapitated their opponents off of the field.

Literally. Well, kind of.

Coastal Carolina is known for its locker room celebrations. Last year, as they rose to prominence, they destroyed a “Rock Chalk Jayhawk” with a sledgehammer after beating Kansas and their strength coach, dressed as Hulk Hogan, put a beatdown on an eagle after beating Georgia Southern.

The antics continued on Thursday and it involved a chainsaw. A real chainsaw.

As the team went crazy, one of the team staffers took the head off of a stuffed wolf— as in, the Red Wolves.

After the wolf’s head was removed, it was “mounted” on a piece of wood as the team celebrated.

The video was posted to linebacker Teddy Gallagher’s instagram story. He rocks the “Chanticleer Chandelier” on his head and knocks the noggin off of opposing quarterbacks.

He also played an important role in the Sun Belt rivalry between Coastal and App State. Both teams, who believe that they are the predominant team in the conference, square off on Wednesday.

The Mountaineers are looking for revenge after losing last season and after Gallagher talked BIG talk, calling them “bums” after they cheered for his injury.

But the Chants aren’t ready to let that happen. As exemplified in the locker room last night, they’re out for blood.