Cole Beasley Attempts To Vilify His Own Fanbase, Bills Mafia Promptly Corrects Him

Joshua Bessex/Getty Images

Guys, did you hear NFL wide receiver Cole Beasley is not vaccinated, and in turn influencing a whole generation of fans of serviceable, undersized wide receivers who also moonlight as subpar rappers?

I’m not sure the media has covered it in the past 12 minutes, so allow me to do my journalistic duties and continue to treat Cole Beasley as if his importance to the league rivals Jerry Rice.

Cole said he’d stop tweeting about this, but for some reason after a 40-0 spanking of the Houston Texans at home, the Bills receiver decided to call out his own fanbase after the game for allegedly booing him.

Why? Maybe it’s the vaccination resistance or maybe it’s because he caught just two passes for 16 yards.

A weird move to vilify Bills Mafia especially when the lion’s share of the offseason was dealing with the dog and pony show you kept dumping fuel on.

An even weirder move when the majority of the stadium was actually chanting “BEEEEEASEEE.”

Beasley ultimately got what he wanted, a digital barb about epidemiology with a notable blue check mark. All is well.

Mark, for such a smart dude, you should know better than to try to change someone’s mind on the internet, or anywhere for that matter. A fruitless endeavor for all involved.

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