Colin Cowherd Gets Real Honest About How Bad Of A Decision It Was For The Bears To Sign Andy Dalton

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Bears fans had their hopes up that maybe, just maybe, the franchise could pull off the unthinkable and acquire Russell Wilson in a trade. All of the hype and reports were out there that had the Windy City buzzing that they may actually land a quality quarterback. But what ended up happening? The Bears went out and signed Andy Dalton to a one-year, $10 million contract.

Chicago fans immediately began renouncing their fandom for the team following the news and their pure hatred for general manager Ryan Pace. The Bears haven’t made it out of the Wild Card round of the playoffs since Pace arrived ahead of the 2015-16 season and now he goes out and pulls this sort of move? This just adds to his abysmal track record with quarterbacks which includes signing Mike Glennon to a $45 million deal and trading a fourth-round pick for Nick Foles. It’s understandable why Bears fans are livid.

Bears fans and NFL fans laughing at the dumpster fire that is the Bears organization aren’t the only ones voicing their cold-hard opinions about the Dalton signing. Colin Cowherd got very honest during ‘The Herd’ on Wednesday saying that this move by Pace was lousy and that head coach Matt Nagy will lose his job as a result.

“When you get into diehard sports towns, you’ve got to get the quarterback right and you’ve got to get the public perception stuff right,” Cowherd said. “Chicago has teeth as a sports town. That was lousy GM-ing, like this is the worst literal fit, and Matt Nagy is going to lose his job over this.”

Nothing Cowherd said was wrong, in fact, it’s what every single NFL fan is thinking at the moment. Sure, Andy Dalton could maybe, and that’s a big maybe, lead the Bears to a playoff berth, but that’s it. Chicago won’t make it out of the first round and to be honest, that may be the worst-case scenario. If Dalton does find success, then odds are there won’t be major shakeups in the front office or on the sideline, which Chicago fans have been wanting for quite some time now.