Sports Fans Unearth Insane Clip Of Colin Cowherd Comparing Ben Simmons To LeBron And Magic

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For all intents and purposes, Ben Simmons’ NBA career is finished.

Sure, he may kick around the league as a role player for another few years, but the ship of his All-Star days has sailed as he’s now put together multiple disastrous seasons in a row.

Given Simmons’ struggles in recent years, it can be easy to forget that there was a time when the former #1 overall pick was considered as being one of the most exciting prospects in the game of basketball.

In fact, some folks in the NBA world, such as radio host Colin Cowherd, were so giddy about Simmons’ potential that they foolishly claimed he was on his way to becoming the next LeBron James.

“You know I love LeBron — I’ve talked about him incessantly for a decade. I still think he is absolutely remarkable. But for the first time in 10 to 12 years, I look at the NBA — which I’ve watched for four decades — and I say this now with Ben Simmons: ‘Hey, LeBron, we’re good, bro. You can go. You don’t have to, you can hang around. Still great. But you can go. We’re all good here,” Cowherd says in the clip that’s aged as well as milk.

“I never bought into it with Blake Griffin. Despite what he did last night, I’ve never bought into it with Anthony Davis. Russell Westbrook doesn’t drive me to a TV to that level — certainly didn’t when he broke into the league. But when I watch Ben Simmons play — and again, I don’t know if the Sixers are special — it is just a gut feeling. That is something between LeBron and Magic.”

Note to self — never trust Colin Cowherd’s gut.

After missing the entirety of the 21-22 season, Simmons started in 33 games for the Nets this year and averaged 6.9 points, 6.1 assists, and 6.3 rebounds per game, which is certainly more of a Draymond Green-like stat line.

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