NFL Fans Blast FS1 Host Colin Cowherd For Leaving Out Patrick Mahomes From His ‘Top 5 Arm Talents’ List

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The Herd

Professional hot take artist Colin Cowherd is making NFL fans mad again with his opinions on football.

On Friday, Cowherd released his list of top 5 arm talents in the league and somehow left off the reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes.

Cowherd explained what he meant by “arm talent” during his rant.

When I think of arm talent, I think of do you throw a catchable ball? Is it in stride? Is it a soft deep ball with a feathery touch that drops down in the sky like Seattle soft rain? Do you throw a ball so you don’t set your receiver up to get smoked?

And this was his reasoning for leaving Mahomes off the list.

Mahomes and Carson Wentz can throw it from different angles…sometimes Mahomes isn’t even looking at you and takes big risks which sometimes get the receiver in trouble.

Of course, Cowherd was immediately blasted by fans on Twitter for his absurd list.

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