Colin Cowherd Blasts Dak Prescott And His Decision-Making Following Playoff Loss To 49ers

Colin Cowherd Rips Dak Prescott Following Playoff Loss To 49ers


  • Colin Cowherd was baffled by Dak Prescott’s performance against the 49ers and couldn’t believe the game’s final play.
  • Cowherd did not hold back with his criticisms toward Prescott and his decision-making.
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Colin Cowherd, just like every other NFL fan and media member in the country, started his Monday off by sharing his thoughts about the disastrous end to the Cowboys’ season.

Cowherd specifically called out Dak Prescott, his decision-making throughout the game against the 49ers, and of course the controversial final play of the game.

Prescott, and the Cowboys coaching staff, has rightfully been on the receiving end of some harsh criticism following the game’s final play. Running a QB draw with 14 seconds left in the game, up the middle of the field, with no timeouts left, is a bold call, to say the least.

We’ve since learned that offensive coordinator Kellen Moore was responsible for the play call, and head coach Mike McCarthy okayed it, but Cowherd’s main frustrations lie with Prescott.

Colin Cowherd Rips Into Dak Prescott

For Cowherd it’s simple, Prescott didn’t play anywhere close to his price tag against San Francisco.

“You’re paying Dak $40 million a year, I wanna see big boy throws,” Cowherd explained. “Tom Brady would not have done a quarterback draw. Matt Stafford wouldn’t do a quarterback draw. Mahomes wouldn’t do a quarterback draw. Peyton Manning wouldn’t do a quarterback draw. Now Josh Allen could. He’d probably outrun everybody for a touchdown. Dak is not Josh Allen.”

“I’m paying you to make big boy throws in crisis. I’m not paying you to do a quarterback draw and go down to the last two seconds,” Cowherd continued.

Cowherd certainly makes some very valid points in his rant. Simply put, Prescott didn’t have anywhere close to a solid outing against the 49ers.

The former Mississippi State QB finished the game going 23-for-43 in the air for 254 passing yards, one touchdown, and one interception. The only reason the Cowboys were even in the game late was Jimmy Garoppolo’s pick-six earlier on.

Dallas being penalized 14 times for 89 yards certainly didn’t help things either, but Prescott certainly deserves a lot of the blame as Cowherd points out.