Map Using Geotagged Twitter Data Shows Which States Support Colin Kaepernick The Most

colin kaepernick supporters map

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Colin Kaepernick hasn’t necessarily really been out of the news, but thanks to his workout last week in Georgia he’s asserted himself back into the spotlight.

Whether or not he’ll get another shot in the NFL is to be determined.

Odds are you either fall into one side of the aisle on supporting or not supporting Kaepernick, but thanks to we know which states around the country support Kaepernick the most.

They’ve created this map with trends software and geotagged Twitter data to show which states support Kaepernick’s attempt to get back into the NFL and which states don’t.


Illinois stands out as the state that is offering up the most support for Kaepernick’s return while the majority of the rest of the Midwest is offering up not so much support. Georgia, where his workout took place, Wyoming, Oregon and Arizona are showing strong support as well.

It’s interesting that the middle of the country, from top to bottom on the map, is showing the least amount of support almost showing an actual split-decision for the rest of the United States when it comes to Kaepernick. It really may be a ‘country divided’ scenario when it comes to the quarterback.

Again, this map is based on Twitter data so it doesn’t account for the thousands and thousands of folks living in each state that don’t have a Twitter account, but it’s still interesting data.

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