Collector Prices LeBron’s Record-Setting Game Ball, Doesn’t Believe It Will Be His Most Valuable

Thomas Bryant calls for the ball on LeBron James's record-setting shot.

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Items from LeBron James’s record-setting night are now being valued. A sports collector has turned to social media to price the game ball used, as well as the jersey and shoes worn during Tuesday’s feat.

Interestingly, he doesn’t believe these items will be the highest valued of LeBron’s career.

Ken Goldin of the Goldin Company reports that the collectibles will be worth millions of dollars. Here’s what he projects each item could sell for.

For those asking me values on LeBron James’s items used tonight, here is your quote…

Game ball used to break Kareem’s record: $2 million+.

Game used jersey from tonight $5 million+.

Pink Nikes worn tonight. $1 million+

And by ‘+’ depends how aggressive bidders.

In all, those collectibles could total close to a combined $10M when all is said and done. He had a few more thoughts in his thread, noting that he “doesn’t expect any of these items to come up for public sale” in his lifetime.

He also doesn’t believe that these record-setting items will be the most valuable in the LeBron James collection.

When his career is over, the ball used for his final career point will surpass this one and be the most valuable game used basketball ever as it represents the all-time record. [A record] that’s possibly not achievable. Certainly not for a very long time, if ever.

An interesting prediction, but obviously one that makes sense.

Now that he’s the NBA’s scoring leader, any points scored after Tuesday night will just add to the record. Many believed that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s mark was untouchable. LeBron has a chance to put the scoring record even further out of reach.

The internet was flooded with reaction after James accomplished the feat. Many fans were quick to comment on Goldin’s projections after the fact.

One person said, What a historic night. These memorabilia will be treasured by fans and collectors for decades to come.”

Another wrote, “I like this type of hobby content. It’s educational and increases the chance that these items are properly preserved.”

If these items do ever make it to auction, someone will receive a nice payday.