Controversy Unfolds In College Baseball As Ump Rules Game-Tying Runner Out For Missing Home Plate

A view of home plate.


Controversy unfolded over the opening weekend in college baseball as one team was seemingly robbed of a chance to win. Many believe the home plate umpire stole a game-tying run from the losing side with his final call of the matchup.

The controversial call came in a Sunday afternoon meeting between Wayne State College and the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

On the play in question, Missouri S&T appeared to tie things up at 6-6 with a home run in the final inning of play. After previously trailing 6-3 to enter the frame, a two-out three-run bomb evened up the score.

Or did it…?

Upon rounding the bases, it was ruled that the home run hitter, Chase Burgess, never touched home plate. On the play, you can see him jump up in celebration as many do after big hits.

While it seemed like a pretty routine play for everyone involved, umpires would soon impact the outcome of the game.

The blue behind the dish ruled that Burgess missed home amid his celebration, ruling the runner out. That out, coming with two outs already in the books in the final inning, effectively ended the contest.

Video is available, but it’s a bit too grainy to see in detail.

You can be the judge on the ruling, but you hate to see an umpire effect the outcome of a game in this way.

Many baseball fans were quick to post their reactions online.

Some sided with the umpire, though, and believe the blame falls on the player.

Tough break for the Missouri S&T baseball team.

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Jacob Elsey
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