I Drink Scotch That’s Older Than This Kid Yet He Already Understands How Devastating College Football Can Be

As a college football fan there are years where you know before the season starts that your team’s going to chalk up a handful of losses, and in those years you can set your expectations accordingly. But then there are years when the players, the coaches, and the media have all combined for the trifecta of hype and you become convinced that there’s not a single way in hell that your team will lose a game. During those years the National Championship is a foregone conclusion and you’re often too busy shit talking your rivals to even realizing that your team is playing (I’m talking about ‘Bama fans in this instance).

When your team gets hit with a loss in those years that you’re expecting losses your life does not unravel, but when your team loses a big game during a season in which they were supposed to be undefeated and wire-to-wire champions (now I’m referring to my alma mater Seminoles of last year) that loss causes your life to unravel in a matter of seconds. When Oregon absolutely embarrassed my ‘Noles in the Rose Bowl last year I turned into that little kid you see above. Never mind the fact that FSU lost just 2 days before my wedding and I was on a record bender with all my friends and family in town, and the week long slow drip of booze likely had me a little more emotional than I should have been. I’m just amazed that the little Arkansas Razorbacks fan in the video above can already take college football so seriously, without having even had his guts spilled over excruciating losses yet.

Furthermore, the one good thing that can and should come of this video is showing this in the Arkansas Razorbacks‘ locker room before a game. The players need to see this. If you know any players on the Razorbacks team I want you to send this to them NOW. Even if you don’t know any of the players on the team you need to start tweeting this at the team and whip those boys in shape!