College Football Coach Suspended After His Racist/Homophobic Tweets Were Uncovered Days After He Shamed Recruits About Their Tweeting Habits

by 2 years ago

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Earlier this week Texas Wesleyan University offensive coordinator Kyle Cox ​posted a tweet shaming several recruits for their social media activity and how they were hurting their chances of being recruited by the school.

Of course Twitter did it’s thing and immediately uncovered several questionable tweets belonging to coach Cox.

Screenshots via Crwndking_Brand

After seeing the Tweets Cox deleted his Twitter account and the school has suspended him pending an investigation.


This morning some tweets made by Football Offensive Coordinator Kyle Cox were brought to our attention. These tweets were posted between 2012 and 2014, prior to his employment at Texas Wesleyan. They contain questionable content that does not reflect the university’s values. Cox was immediately suspended pending an investigation into the matter.

Texas Wesleyan values diversity and inclusion, and we continue to work to foster these values within our community. All of our decisions are made with our student-athletes in mind, and this is no different.