Thirsty College Football Fans Are Begging Jalen Hurts To Transfer To Their Team After Tua Tagovailoa’s Spectacular First Half Vs Louisville

Before tonight’s Alabama-Louisville game, Bama coach Nick Saban was unsure of who was going start at QB for the team this season.

“I think we have two guys that are weapons, and they’ve both played well, so the plan is to play both guys in the game,” head coach Nick Saban told ESPN’s Chris Fowler in an interview that will air Saturday, according to “So the only issue is who plays first, and we’ll decide that when the time comes.”

Tua eventually got to start and he was spectacular on the field after deliveringg several electric plays while leading Bama to a huge 28-0 at halftime.

Hurts was only able to played only for two series’ in the first half but was unable to score and it appears that is future with the team is pretty bleak. After Tua’s huge first half, college football fans from around the country are begging Tua to transfer to their team.