How Much Is Your Favorite College Football Team Worth? The Numbers Will Honestly Make You Vomit

The Ohio State Buckeyes are the college football champions. Is that what we’re calling it? I miss the National Champions moniker. Ohio State University is also the tops in another category — they’re the most valuable college football team in the country.

The Ohio State program is worth more than $1.1 billion, the largest figure in the nation, according to an annual study. The Buckeyes have dethroned Texas, which had held the top spot for three straight years in the annual valuation by Ryan Brewer, an assistant professor of finance at Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus.

The Longhorns, who still led all programs in estimated revenues, are worth $972.1 million, up from $875 million a year ago. But that was only good for No. 3. Michigan finished second at $999.1 million. Ohio State and Michigan both benefited from much-improved cash flows over the past year.

No wonder Ohio State can afford all those helmet stickers. Still, that number is disgusting. The football team is worth $1.1 billion and the players get crap. Oh, right, an education. HAHAHAHAHAAH that’s even funnier to see in print.

And just like everything else in life, the value numbers are shooting up at a ridiculous pace. “The valuations among the elite programs across the board shot up this year. There are eight teams worth more than $700 million, compared with two last year (Texas and Notre Dame). There were no teams worth more than $900 million last year; now there are four.”

Here’s a list of top ten most valuable college football teams along with their estimated value.

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