The Colorado Buffaloes Made A Bunch Of Money On Deion Sanders’ First Spring Game

Colorado Buffaloes coach Deion Sanders

Getty Image / Matthew Stockman

The Coach Prime effect is already clearly having an impact on the Colorado Buffaloes.

Football fans already know about the massive changes he has made to the roster in his first offseason.

The program has had a ton of players leave in the transfer portal, but has also put together the nation’s top transfer class.

Beyond the changes Deion Sanders has already had on the actual team, it looks like he is also making a big impact on the program financially.

The Buffaloes were the only team in college football to have their spring game televised on ESPN and the game was also a pretty big financial success for them.

The school’s athletic director, Rick George, told Buff Zone’s Brian Howell that the spring game turned a $200K profit on ticket sales and another $123K from merchandise.

Under normal circumstances, a team that was coming off of a 1-win season would have trouble getting anybody to show up for their Spring Game at all, but it looks like Deion Sanders has fans excited for next season in spite of their past struggles.

The draw of the rejuvenated program has also gone well beyond just the spring game as the Buffaloes are selling tickets to their home opener against Nebraska for a ton of money.

It remains to be seen whether or not Deion Sanders will be able to turn Colorado into a powerhouse in the Pac-12 like he did for Jackson State in the FCS, but it hasn’t taken long for it to become evident that he is changing the culture in Boulder.

With just a few more months until his team finally competes in a game that counts, anticipation will only continue to build for the start of Deion’s FBS coaching career.