Colorado Students Camp Out, Wait In Ridiculous Lines For Chance To See Coach Prime’s Buffaloes (Video)

A field level view inside Folsom Field in Boulder.

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Colorado students are fighting for the chance to see Deion Sanders and the Buffs this weekend. After a 2-0 start to the season, anticipation is at an all-time high.

With that national attention, though, come a few cons. No longer are CU tickets easy to get your hands on, even for those that attend the school.

Students complained last week about the increased difficulty in securing football tickets. This coming after the university took extra measures to increase availability by adding more student seating in Folsom Field.

Most of those collegegoers spoke of long wait times in the online ticket que, as well as their being booted from the system altogether. CU students pay for a $185 athletic access pass, though it doesn’t guarantee tickets to every football game. Selection criteria can be based on a variety of things including past attendance and seniority.

Those who have been unable to land entry through the school’s ticketing system also found it difficult to find resale options.

“It used to be very easy to get tickets from the ticket exchange app, but now people are selling a ticket for, like, $200-$300,” one student said ahead of last week’s matchup versus Nebraska.

The troubles finding tickets combined with the outrageous demand led to an incredible scene in Boulder this week. Students were seen camping out and waiting in ridiculous lines for the chance to nab tickets to the upcoming Colorado State game.

The post says those students began lining up at 10 PM on Tuesday, then camped out overnight for a chance to see Coach Prime’s bunch.

Since Sanders’ arrival, the Buffs have seen massive national exposure. Not only did season ticket and merchandise sales reach highs, but the spring game in April was also aired on ESPN.

This, coming after a 1-11 season last year.

Deion Sanders is warning his players not to buy the hype, but for fans, it’s a welcomed change.

College GameDay will be in town this weekend for the Rocky Mountain Showdown between CU and CSU. Hopefully, many of these Colorado students will be in attendance.