Colts HC Addresses QB Situation, Lamar Jackson Rumors, And The NFL Draft

Colts helmet

Getty Image / Icon Sportswire

The NFL Draft is right around the corner and plenty of teams have question marks at quarterback.

One of them is the Indianapolis Colts, who have been involved in Lamar Jackson rumors throughout the offseason.

Now, head coach Shane Steichen addresses both, the rumors and the draft.

According to Zak Keefer, Steichen acknowledges the Colts’ monitoring of this year’s rookie quarterback class. However, he seems to brush aside the Lamar Jackson rumors.

Indianapolis holds the fourth pick overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. They’re in an odd position right now in that spot.

Rumors are that two quarterbacks are going to be taken with the first two picks. That leaves teams open to trade with the Arizona Cardinals to jump the Colts to possibly select the third quarterback off of the board.

If that happens, the Indy could find themselves without the quarterback they were hoping to land.

For that reason, Lamar Jackson could still be very much on their radar.

Even so, the Colts’ head coach seems much more focused on the upcoming NFL Draft.

That’s probably the right way to go about it. Especially considering they’re still very much in play to acquire a rookie quarterback they like.

Additionally, with the Baltimore Ravens signing Odell Beckham Jr., many are speculating that Lamar Jackson will end up staying in Baltimore.

We’ll see how it plays out, but this year’s NFL Draft is going to be wildly entertaining.

There are multiple scenarios in play for the Colts right now. Patience is probably key for this franchise at this point in time.