Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay Shed Light On Why The Colts Aren’t Actively Pursuing Lamar Jackson

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson

Getty Image / G. Fiume

The Lamar Jackson. situation took a huge turn on Monday when it was revealed that the Ravens quarterback had requested a trade back in early March.

Here are more details, courtesy of BroBible’s reporting on the situation.

The Lamar Jackson-Ravens offseason just entered a new level of messy, the star quarterback for Baltimore has requested a trade from the team.

Jackson made the announcement on his social media account on Monday, and wrote in his statement that on March 2nd he had asked the team to trade him

In his statement, Jackson cited a desire to help a team win the Super Bowl and a need to make a business decision that was best for his family and himself.

The Lamar Jackson situation is very complicated. There have been allegations of collusion to prevent the former MVP, who is still just 26 years old, from receiving a monster contract like Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes, and Dak Prescott have received lately. But, it seems like the Ravens aren’t willing to pay him that much, and put the non-exclusive franchise tag on him. That means, one of the other 31 teams can reach a deal with Jackson, but the Ravens will have the right to match it. If they do not match it, the team that has now acquired the quarterback will owe the Ravens two first-round draft picks. That’s a steep price to pay.

One team that presumably needs a quarterback is the Indianapolis Colts. The team has been looking for answers since Andrew Luck’s surprise prior to the 2018 season. Colts Owner Jim Irsay spoke out about why the Colts are not being aggressive about pursuing a franchise quarterback like Jackson.

So, it sounds like those two first-round picks are acting as a big deterrent, and unfortunately for Lamar Jackson, who is negotiating without the services of an agent, that’s something he cannot change.