Conor McGregor Has A Great Comeback When NFL Analyst Compares Blake Bortles’ Pass To His Epic Fail

Conor McGregor Comeback Blake Bortles Pass

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Everyone who saw it will never forget it. Yes, I am talking about Conor McGregor looking like he doesn’t have an athletic bone in his body when he threw a football before the Cowboys vs. Jaguars game last month.

And while McGregor later tried to defend himself from all of the humilation being thrown his way (pun intended), saying he just didn’t want to rip his custom suit, fans still weren’t having it.

At least he was a good sport about it, right?

McGregor hasn’t forgotten about all the ribbing though.

Ironically, McGregor’s piss-poor passing ability was once again referenced during a Jacksonville Jaguars game.

This time, after Pro Football Focus NFL Analyst Sam Monson used McGregor’s horrible pass as a reference point for a pass Jags QB Blake Bortles threw on Thanksgiving, “The Notorious One” was ready with an A+ comeback.

Monson wrote about Bortles on Twitter during the game, “How do you forget how to actually throw the ball? I don’t mean accurately, I mean like fundamentally. This looks like what happens when you hand the ball to Conor McGregor and ask him to fire one over.”

It took a few days, but eventually McGregor somehow got wind of the tweet and responded as only he can, tweeing, “You could take the crust off your toast with my laser passing ability, kid. Open your eyes before they get shut.”

Needless to say, for obvious reasons, Monson was a little concerned that McGregor saw his tweet.