This Guy Ate And Trained Like Conor McGregor And The Cardio Session Alone Looks Like Absolute Murder

Bodybuilder and YouTube fitness personality Jesse James West isn’t afraid to tackle the tough workouts and eating regimes of the world’s biggest athletes. He lived and trained like Mark Wahlberg, Cristiano Rinaldo, and tried to replicate The Rock’s insane cheat day.

He’s even replicated the diet and workout of jacked actors like Chris Hemsworth and Zac Efron.

West proves in his videos that athletes train hard and it’s not all about cool workout shirts and post-workout trips to the smoothie bar.

In this latest video, West is celebrating Conor McGregor‘s possible return to the octagon in 2021 by eating and training just like the MMA legend.

The day starts off with stretching for mobility followed by fasted cardio in the cold – shirtless just like Conor – and sits down for some breakfast.

“Today, I’m going to be following one of Conor’s leaner diets,” West explains. “This is his Sirtfood diet. High protein, high fat tends to be a trend with professional athletes.”

Before hitting the gym, West throws down a pre-workout meal of yogurt, coffee, and almonds. He’ll need it the fuel because the cardio portion of McGregor’s routine is intense.

“This is much harder than it looks,” explains West, completely exhausted after doing intervals on the bike. “I can’t breathe and my legs are on fire.”

West has to complete the exercise bike for 5 seconds of maximum effort plus 3 full minutes pushing as hard as possible followed by 10, 15-second sets on the rowing machine.

The lifting portion of the gym session involves barbell front squats, muscle-ups, weighted dips, standing overhead presses, underhand chin-ups, and hanging leg raises.

West puts down another meal of steak and veggies before heading to a sparing session and one final meal.

West feels like the entire experience has him ready to McGregor and that should absolutely be his next video.


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