Guy Tries Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Thor’ Diet And Training Regimen For 24 Hours, Doesn’t Die

Guy Tries Chris Hemsworths Thor Diet Training Regimen For 24 Hours

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Chris Hemsworth is one of those actors who is really into fitness.

It’s why he’s been tapped to play people like Thor the God of Thunder and Lightning as well as professional wrestling legend Hulk Hogan in movies.

Of course, it’s basically his job to be in magnificent shape, but that doesn’t mean regular folks can’t try to duplicate Hemsworth’s diet and fitness plan… for 24 hours.

Fitness YouTuber Jesse James West, whose job is also to be in great shape, is one of those guys who you see on the internet who is always trying out someone famous’ diet and/or workout regimens.

Which is great, because, well, then we don’t have to attempt what is often the impossible… like Chris Hemsworth’s diet and workout plan, which includes two workouts as well as several meals and a snack.

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Here’s what West put himself through after rolling got out of bed that morning…

Meal 1: raisins, one cup of oatmeal, a banana, four egg whites with one egg, one cup of fat-free milk, orange juice, and a protein shake

A walk to grab a cup of coffee

Meal 2: cottage cheese, yogurt, mixed nuts, and sliced turkey


Snack: beef jerky

Meal 3: 10 oz. chicken breast, kidney beans, broccoli, brown rice, and milk

Arms and abs workout (cable curl/cable extensions, dumbbell curl/skull crushers, incline curl/ tricep pushdown, plank, cable crunch sit up, reverse crunch, hanging leg raise, and oblique crunch)

Meal 4: one glass of fat-free milk, 100 grams asparagus, 10 oz. salmon, and 100 grams of quinoa

Meal 5: two hard boiled eggs and two slices of bread

Grand total for the day? 341 grams of protein (“wow, that is detrimental to my stomach”), 342 grams carbs, 74 grams fat, 3,398 calories.

All in all, West seemed pretty happy, even saying at one point, “The superheroes get it right. I’m an Avenger!”

He certainly fared better than YouTuber Aseel Soueid who attempted to eat Mark Wahlberg’s over 4,100 calorie diet for a day.

“I feel good,” West said when he was done for the day. “I’m very tired because of all the training today. The surfing kicked my ass.”

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