The Latest News Regarding Conor McGregor’s ‘Out Of Left Field’ Announcement Will Have MMA Fans Salivating

Earlier this month Conor McGregor teased what he called an “out of left field” announcement he plans to make after UFC 205.

Many reports had it being that he was planning on walking away from MMA for awhile.

However, now a new rumor floated by Joe Rogan, a man who definitely has more inside UFC information than about anyone, has things with “The Notorious One” possibly going in a completely different direction.

During Rogan’s podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe says he has heard a rumor that after UFC 205 McGregor will NOT have the third fight we all want to see between him and Nate Diaz, but rather one with Nate’s brother Nick Diaz.

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I know, right?

Said Rogan on his podcast, “Man, I’d heard some crazy rumour that I had hoped was true, that they were gonna try and set up Nick vs. Conor. I’m like, ‘My god, that would break the world.’ Do you know like, how insane the hype would be, for a Nick Diaz vs. Conor McGregor fight? I mean, can you even imagine how crazy that would be?”

Yes we do, Joe. Yes we do.

And an announcement like that from Conor McGregor would MOST CERTAINLY qualify as coming from “out of left field.”

Stay tuned…

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