Conor McGregor Posts Hilarious Video Montage Of Opponents Backpedaling On Their Trash Talk After McGregor Beat Them

Let’s recap:

Diego Brandao called McGregor a clown before being extending his hand to congratulate for finishing him off in the first round.

Dustin Poirier said he’s fought tougher guys before calling him a fast, great athlete after McGregor finished him in less than two minutes. Mind you, after their fight in 2014, Dustin revealed that McGregor mind-fucked him before the fight after McGregor smiled and pointed at him as he was ready to walk into the octagon.

Dennis Silver declaring he’s going to win before praising McGregor for having a very good eye for distances. McGregor mauled Silver after TKO-ing him in the second round back in January 2015.

Chad Mendes confidently saying that he’s going to embarrass McGregor and destroy his life before applauding McGregor for his accuracy. Before the fight, McGregor predicted a second-round knockout, which he delivered on. This summer, Mendes was handed a two-year suspension for PEDs, to which Conor epically retorted, “I wonder was he on that stuff when we fought. One thing I know for sure (though), you can’t put steroids on your chin.”

Jose Aldo saying he brought the sun to Dublin before being mocked by Dana White asking him if he remembers any of the 13 second fight.

There is a lot of speculation of who McGregor, now with a career record of 21-3, will fight next. He could defend either of his belts against a stable of hungry contenders at 145 and 155, or he could try for a third belt against UFC welterweight champion Tyron “The Chosen One” Woodley (16-3). If McGregor secured a win there, he would re-write the history books and add to his already outstanding legacy.

[h/t LADbible]

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