Conor McGregor Got Caught On A Hot Mic Destroying A Reporter, Calling Him A ‘F**king Donkey’ And More

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As we saw earlier today when Conor McGregor laid a verbal beatdown on Eddie Alvarez during his interview for ESPN to promote UFC 205 “The Notorious One” is never afraid to say what’s on his mind.

In the clip you will see at the bottom of this article, McGregor thought that his mic wasn’t on so he proceed to rip into a reporter who had pissed him off.

That reporter, by most accounts, is Canadian journalist Michael Landsberg. For anyone who watched Thursday’s press conference, Landsberg was the one who suggested that all of McGregor’s theatrics, including threatening to hit Alvarez with a chair, was staged.

Here’s how it went down at the time…

Later, Landsberg was interviewing UFC President Dana White, when he pressed the issue of everything being staged one more time. White didn’t seem too pleased with the question and made it very clear what he thought of it as well. (You can watch that video here.)

So as McGregor and Alvarez were waiting to be hooked up again via satellite to do an interview with New Zealand’s PrimeTV McGregor started in on Landsberg.

“He’s a fucking donkey! He’s a fucking idiot!” chirped McGregor, unaware that his mic was still live and a new show was now hearing what he was saying. “Some sort of shite about scripted, or something, he said. He’s a big mad head on him. He’s a dope. He’s a mad mush head or something. He looks like a burns victim or something.”

McGregor also said that if the next interview wasn’t with ESPN he was walking. When he found out that it wasn’t, welp, that’s exactly what McGregor did.

Thankfully for all of us, New Zealand comedy show The Crowd Goes Wild turned the whole scene into a hilarious clip that we can all now enjoy as we get even closer to the actual fight.

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