Conor McGregor Has Been Sharing An Incredibly In-Depth Look At His Fight Preparations For UFC 205

by 1 year ago

If you’ve got some time to kill, and who doesn’t since most of us are at work, and are a fan of either the UFC, Conor McGregor or both, then here’s a little treat for you. (And just after Halloween!)

That’s because Conor McGregor has been sharing a SERIOUSLY in-depth look at how he’s preparing for his upcoming title fight against Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205.

In a series of videos, put out by TheMacLife productions, we get to see McGregor’s training progression over the past week.

They cover everything from sparring to physical treatments to wrestling, striking and more.

It’s a look at how a superior athlete like McGregor gets ready for a fight like I, personally, have never seen before.

Like I said, however, it will take you some time to get through them all, but with the World Series now over and TNF sucking ass this year, this might be a good watch for you tonight or, well, while you pretend to work today and tomorrow.

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