Here’s A Detailed Look At Conor McGregor’s Rise To UFC Superstardom, And His Fall From Grace

There’s no disputing the Conor McGregor is one of UFC’s biggest stars…if things eventually get ironed out between him and Dana White with this whole retirement/being ostracized from UFC 200 thing.

But how did The Notorious reach the pinnacle of the MMA world, and then fall from grace after his shocking loss to Nate Diaz at UFC 196?

We took a closer look at how the Irish Assassin got to where he is today – arguably one of the world’s best toe-to-toe fighters – and what his career might hold for him, if this whole “retirement” thing is really just a sham, and he does step foot back into the Octagon.

But with all the money he’s made…would you blame him if he didn’t?