Conor McGregor Throws The Worst First Pitch In History And The Internet Let’s Him Know

Reactions to Conor McGregor worst first pitch at Chicago Cubs game.

Getty Image / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Conor McGregor instantly catapulted himself into the discussion for “worst first pitch of all-time” on Tuesday night. At the Chicago Cubs game, the UFC fighter delivered a comical, almost inconceivably bad ceremonial first pitch that must be seen to be believed.

In the past decade, we’ve seen some of the worst first pitch candidates ever, including Jake Brentz, some guy at a Boston Red Sox game, Miss Texas, Gary ‘Baba Booey’ Dell’Abate, and who could forget 50 Cent’s forgettable toss.

Now, Conor McGregor is a contender for the “worst first pitch ever.” Before the Cubs game against the Minnesota Twins at Wrigley Field, McGregor threw out the first pitch. The Irishman should stick to mixed martial arts.

The first pitch went nowhere near home plate, the catcher, or the batter’s box. Instead, the former UFC double-champ threw out the first pitch that smashed into the brick backstop of Wrigley Field.

To be fair, the 33-year-old left-hander from Dublin, Ireland, probably hasn’t tossed the baseball around very much and was wearing a tight-fitting suit. Never-the-less, the internet blasted the UFC star for his abominable first pitch. Some compared it to 50 Cent, others made memes referencing Happy Gilmore, there were commentators quoting Bob Euecker from the movie Major League, and then there were some who poked fun of MLB umpires. Many declared Conor McGregor’s ceremonial throw to be the worst first pitch in MLB history, even worse than 50 Cent and Baba Booey.

There were even some people who attempted to help Conor McGregor diagnose what went terribly wrong with his horrendous first pitch.