TikToker Drums Up Conspiracy Theory Revealing Sinister Motive Behind Taylor Swift’s Dating Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift poses for a photo.

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A TikToker has come up with a wild conspiracy theory involving a sinister motive behind Taylor Swift’s dating Travis Kelce. She believes Swift isn’t in it for love, after all.

Instead, the social media user says there’s a darker reasoning behind the recent rumors. It will rear its ugly head come NFL playoff time.

Grace Weissend, aka TikTok user Stan.Hathaway, filled viewers in on Taylor Swift’s true intent with Travis Kelce. Take a listen.

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“At first I was like, ‘They’re perfect together,'” the video begins. “But I think that there is something much more sinister at play here. Taylor Swift is from Philadelphia. She’s an Eagles fan. I think that Taylor Swift is purposefully sabotaging the Kansas City Chiefs to allow the Philadelphia Eagles to win the Super Bowl.

“If you know anything about the Chiefs, you know that Travis Kelce didn’t play in the first game of the season because his has a very deep bone bruise and Taylor Swift is off from the Eras Tour until November. I think that Taylor Swift is hunkering down in Kansas City nursing Travis Kelce back to life.

“And that’s totally fine, except for what does Taylor Swift love to do? Bake. So, what is she doing for Travis Kelce? Baking for him. She’s getting him out of shape.”

That’s too easy though. This theory is far from through.

“Travis, he’s a professional. He’s not going to let that get to him. The Chiefs stay good. Taylor knows she needs to work harder. November rolls around. Taylor has to go back out on tour…

The Chiefs stay good… They make it to the Super Bowl. Who’s their opponent? Known Taylor Swift sympathizers the Philadelphia Eagles. The week before the Super Bowl, Taylor Swift has Eras Tour shows in Tokyo. She suddenly gets really distant from Travis…

“Then, just a few days before the Super Bowl, she ghosts him. Full no contact, blocked number, invisible string severed.

“Travis, he’s upset, but he channels that feeling into the game… Finally, Super Bowl Sunday rolls around. First half, no problems. Chiefs, Eagles pretty evenly matched. Good game.

“Halftime starts. The NFL has yet to announce who’s playing the Super Bowl halftime show… The teams leave the field for half and go to the locker room. The lights go down. Suddenly, we hear a snake hiss.

“Who rises from the floor of the stadium?… Taylor Swift. She’s wearing a bedazzled Eagles jersey… She starts playing… Travis leaves the locker room and goes back out onto the field to watch the performance. Finally, she says, ‘I have one more song for you. It’s a new version of one that you’re familiar with.’ She strums her guitar. What is it? ‘Mastermind.’ Ten-minute version.

“She sings the whole thing looking into Travis’ eyes. He’s sobbing. The tears are mixing with the black paint that he put on before the game and it’s getting in his eyes. He goes blind…

“The Chiefs fall apart… Eagles kick a field goal in the last few seconds to take the lead. The refs blow the whistle. Game over. Eagles win. Taylor Swift appears on the jumbotron. She says, ‘Checkmate, I couldn’t lose.'”

The TikToker goes onto say that brother Jason Kelce was also in on the hoax, which he reveals after he wins Super Bowl MVP. While farfetched, many in the comments section couldn’t disprove the take.

One Chiefs fan wrote, “The fact that we beat the Eagles last year and his brother plays for Philly has me suspicious.”

Another follower said, “This would be the true long con.”

“Too specific not to be true,” this account posted.

Time to lock in those Eagles Super Bowl bets.