Cornerstone University Is Home To The Sickest Dorm Of All Time Because It’s Attached To The School’s Baseball Field

Cornerstone University isn’t a Division I school but it’s got a few insane perks for those bros going to the Christian school to play baseball. Jesus makes sure the team never loses Their dorm is attached to the baseball field. did a feature on the new-ish home of the Golden Eagles baseball team. The stadium, completed in 2013, is sick as hell. According to MLB, Central Hall houses 96 students and also has a hospitality suite that overlooks the stadium.

The dorm isn’t exclusive to just bros on the baseball team. as the university’s website states “Central Hall houses both men and women in the sophomore, junior and senior classes.” So you don’t have to play baseball but it sure helps if you like baseball.


Here’s a little bit more about the stadium and the baseball program.

[via RSVLTS]

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