Cowboys Aren’t Even Hiding How Desperate They Are For A Kicker

Cowboys kicker Brett Maher

Getty Image / Lachlan Cunningham

The summer is approaching and NFL teams across the league are finalizing their rosters for training camp.

After a busy offseason, many are expecting big things from the Dallas Cowboys, as usual.

However, it appears the team wants more competition for the kicker position and the Cowboys aren’t doing a good job of hiding their desperation.

According to Kevin Patra, special teams coordinator John Fassel had some eye opening comments about what’s going on in Dallas.

As of this writing, the only kicker on the Cowboys roster is Tristan Vizcaino, who is incredibly inexperienced. For that reason, Fassel and the Cowboys are seemingly open to having anybody come in and play kicker.

“Well, we’ve got Tristan on the roster. Anybody else on earth who is not on the team right now is under consideration. That’s everybody really. That could be a lot of different guys that we’re still looking at — XFL, USFL, veterans on the street, younger guys who still haven’t found a way.”

From the sounds of it, if you can kick a ball you might have a shot at playing for the Cowboys next season.

However, your time might be cutting short, as John Fassel listed three NFL veterans as possible options for the Cowboys, per Kevin Patra.

“If you’re going to bring them in, you’ve got to be excited about what it is. There’s veterans on the street right now, let’s face it, there’s Mason (Crosby), there’s Robbie (Gould), there’s (Ryan) Succop. There’s a lot of guys that have performed at a good level in the NFL, and you weigh that against everything else. There’s really no secrets of who’s available.”

All jokes aside, the Cowboys will likely sign a veteran kicker at some point this offseason. They could even reach out to the XFL and USFL, as mentioned above.

But at the same time, Dallas claims they’re not in a rush to make a signing right now.

“I think the good thing for us at the kicker spot is just being patient and deciding who that second guy is we’re going to bring in, whether it’s now or training camp to compete against Tristan.”

Maybe they should consider signing a few of these guys to the roster. If you’re that desperate, you might as well hedge your bets.