Cowboys Fans Rip HC Mike McCarthy To Shreds For Not Challenging Giants Catch Late In Game

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Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy appeared to make a huge mistake late in Sunday’s crucial game against the New York Giants.

While the Cowboys were down 20-19, Daniel Jones completed a pass to Dante Pettis on 3rd-and-16 to get the Giants into field goal range at the Dallas 32-yard line. Graham Gano went on to kick a 50-yard field goal to give the Giants a 23-19 lead.

During Pettis’ big catch many fans noticed that the ball clearly hit the ground on the play and should not have been ruled a completed catch.

During the broadcast, FOX rules analyst Mike Pereira said there was “no question” that the ruling of a completed catch would have been overturned if McCarthy had challenged the play.

Cowboys fans immediately crushed McCarthy for possibly costing the team a chance at making the playoffs by not challenging the Pettis catch.