Jerry Jones Implies Cowboys Wanted To Draft Jalen Hurts While Talking Trey Lance Trade

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

Getty Image / Cooper Neill

Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys pulled off a trade that came as a surprise to most after acquiring Trey Lance from the San Francisco 49ers.

However, while talking with the media, Jones implies he was hoping to draft “the Philadelphia quarterback.”

He doesn’t specifically say Jalen Hurts’ name, but the implication was rather clear.

Here’s the clip of Jerry Jones implying the Cowboys wanted to draft Jalen Hurts while talking about the Trey Lance trade, per WFAA.

During the 2020 NFL Draft, the Cowboys selected Trevon Diggs at 51 overall while the Eagles took Jalen Hurts at 53.

Based on that fact, the Cowboys likely believed Hurts was going to fall into the third round. Instead, Philly selected Hurts and the rest is history.

It’s an interesting “what if” scenario though. When the Eagles selected Hurts he was viewed as a project behind then starting quarterback Carson Wentz. But Jalen Hurts ended up taking the starting job a lot sooner than expected.

Would he have done the same thing in Dallas? Or would have Dak Prescott fended him off? Who knows? But there’s an alternate universe out there playing out that situation.

Although it didn’t come to fruition for Dallas, this implication from Jerry Jones suggests the Cowboys have been wanting to find a young quarterback prospect for at least the last few years.

Now, in 2023, Jerry Jones finally finds that prospect in Trey Lance.

It’s been a bumpy ride for Lance since entering the league but he’ll have a chance to develop and prove himself in Dallas.

Additionally, Dak Prescott is a solid quarterback for him to learn behind.

We should expect to see Prescott lead the way in the 2023 season, as the Cowboys are likely to take their time with Trey Lance’s development.

With that said, I’m sure Eagles fans won’t let Cowboys fans forget that Jerry Jones implied his supposed interest in drafting Jalen Hurts.