Mike McCarthy Hit With Six-Figure Fine After Failing To Learn From His Mistakes At Cowboys OTAs

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  • For the second year in a row, Mike McCarthy is in trouble with the NFL.
  • Dallas’ head coach was fined for offseason workout violations.
  • The team was asked to partake in practices that were too physical.

Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy’s bank account is $100,000 lighter this morning. The 58-year-old was penalized for the second-straight year for offseason practice violations.

A year ago, after the NFL found that McCarthy led practices that were deemed ‘too physical,’ he was fined $50,000 and Dallas was fined $100,000. The team also had an OTA taken away for 2022.

That didn’t stop McCarthy and the Cowboys from getting after it again this spring. Owner and general manager Jerry Jones revealed on Thursday that the team’s head coach was hit with a fine for the exact same violation this year.

McCarthy was fined $100,00 for leading OTAs that were ‘too physical’ and the team will be docked an organized team activity again in 2023.

Dallas, the organization, was not fined this time, however.

The NFL did not disclose what exactly led to the violation, but McCarthy apparently wants his team to get after it when the Collective Bargaining Agreement does not allow. And it would appear as though he did not learn from his mistakes, despite saying that last year’s punishment was an opportunity to do so.

“I think there were seven to nine plays that we looked at as a group, and frankly, the majority of them involved younger players, so to me it’s a learning experience,” McCarthy said last year. “I think like anything in life, if you’re punished for trying to do too much the right way as opposed to not doing enough the right way, I think that’s a healthy experience to learn from.”

Clearly, the lesson did not register. Maybe next year?