Woman Buys Cowboys Tickets As A Christmas Gift For Her Fiancé, He Dumps Her Via Text, She Goes To Dallas Game Anyway

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So you FINALLY find a woman who not only tolerates your obsession over sports but actually encourages it. You marry that girl right? Not this dude. This guy not only didn’t put a ring on it, but he dumped his girl right before Christmas, and right before she could give him the gift of Dallas Cowboys tickets.



The girl wasn’t about to let a pair of perfectly good Cowboys tickets go to waste so she went to the game anyways. She aired her grievances by putting her ex on blast with a sign that revealed that he dumped her via text message. Breaking up with your fiancé with a text message? I sure hope he used a quirky emoji in the message to lessen the blow.


The woman had this to say about the tickets, “The game was amazing. I had such an amazing time!!”

Again, what kind of person breaks up with their fiancé with a text message?


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