Creighton Baseball Goes Bonkers After Teammate Catches Huge Flipping Pickle In His Mouth (Video)

Creighton University Athletics / iStockphoto

  • College baseball is full of a lot more shenanigans than its professional counterpart, which is a lot of fun.
  • The most recent example came from Creighton, who went viral for pickle-catching.
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Creighton baseball is having a strong year in 2022. The Blue Jays are on track for their 10th 30-win+ season in the last 15 years (not including 2020) and could play their way into the NCAA Tournament if they can take down UConn in the Big East Tournament.

As of May 18th, Creighton had out-scored its opponents 290-201 on the season and continues to roll through conference play. A large part of their success is likely because of the team chemistry.

Earlier this week, former Blue Jays pitcher Jonah Smith — who graduated last season — shared a peek inside the locker room. Although video is from the 2021 campaign it gives great insight into the culture in Omaha and it is insanely impressive no matter when it was filmed.

In the video, former outfielder Will Hanafan is perched on his knees in the middle of the clubhouse. His teammate proceeds to toss a pickle across the room.

It is a literal pickle. Not a baby pickle, not a spear, not a quartered pickle— a whole, kosher pickle.

As the pickle flips its way through the air in slow-motion, Hanafan awaits his opportunity to show off his tracking ability. With very little movement or adjustments (shoutout to the toss), he opens his jaw as wide as possible and catches the pickle vertical in his mouth.

Take a look at the Creighton baseball’s incredible pickle-catching feat:

Now, we don’t know how many takes the magnificent feat took to get right. It could have been something that the team did on a whim after a pregame meal. It could have been something they attempted all year.

Either way, the video is electric. The tension as the pickle flies through the air is palpable and the team’s reaction when it lands in Hanafan’s mouth is exhilaraing.

If you weren’t a Blue Jays fan before, it’s hard not to be now.